Friday, January 06, 2012

Fireman – Part 9

Time to do some serious chopping!  In this segment we carve the Axe and position it into the hand before gluing the arm on.  I didn’t go into actually showing how to carve the axe as it really isn’t that hard to do.  If you’ve made it this far producing that axe will be easy.  Also, Stan send me another group of reference material which will help you in fleshing out your own figure.  Here’s the link:

As you’ll see at the end of the video the addition of the arm and that axe really gives us a great idea of just how neat this figure will look when finally completed.


  1. I haven,t had time to watch the latest installments of the videos as we have been traveling and tending to my aged mother lately, but I can see from the progress that our fireman is almost ready for the display case after he gets painted. I think he is one of the best looking carvings in a while, because of his facial expression.every time I look at that face I get a kick out of him and a smile on my face. what a great carving you have going. Looking forward to seeing him all done up and ready to go fight a fire.

  2. I am seeing the value in doing things in "parts/pieces" instead of out of just one huge hunk of woork. I certainly appreciate the time both you and Judy put into making the videos so that we can learn. I get something out of each and every one. What struck me the most for this video was the sharpness of your knife made taking a little off and that you do just that "take off a little by little" until you get to where you want. You were doing that with the hand and especially the fingers. Thanks once again. Jim