Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Man With No Name - Finished!

Wow!  I'm sure I wouldn't want to meet this hombre out in front of the Saloon.  He looks a little P.O.'d!   This was really a fun figure to do and as you can see from the photo I couldn't stop even when posting the photos.   He's also pretty impressive....standing about 16' tall.   I like him!

I swiped one of Judy's makeup brushes to do some heavy dry brushing on his hat and serape to simulate dust.  I set the holster about 1/8" off the face of the tombstone to give it a slight shadow effct.  The strap around the holster is made from tupelo, steamed and bent into place.  I just noticed one thing I forgot though and thats the catch part of the belt buckle.'d that get by me?  The buckle is bent wire and believe it or not that strip of steamed tupelo bent around it like a piece of soft plastic.

Anyway, I hope you like him as much as I do and your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.  Lots of photos in the Gallery.


  1. A great looking piece....he My be the Man with no name, but they sure will remember him.

  2. This is true artistry in wood. Congrats my Frined on achieving a Masterpiece.

  3. Fantastic Lynn!!!
    That is a great idea with the tombstome and the holster. I also like the detail of the gold tooth. For me, that was the first thing that jumped out at me. As always, looking forward to more of what you do! Thanks. Jim

  4. Wow Lynn, what a menacing look this guy has and the “black and white” photo of his head is absolutely great. The way the shadow is casted across his face in that photo says it all. Great stuff!!!