Saturday, September 17, 2011

Muy Caliente! - Part 4

We wrap up the head with this segment and I get a little preachy about my pupils!   Not you folks but about the way some paint their eyes.  If you’ve watched a lot of these videos you probably know by now that I have definite opinions about certain things.  Anyway, now I have make the hat and start figuring out the type of body we’re going to stick this head on. 


  1. Attention to details, makes all the difference in the world. He continues to look better each episode. I envy you the thunderstorm, we are bone dry hear, down over a foot of rain, and we only get 19 inches a year in a good year. The newest rage here is a yellow lawn, I envy your green fields and pastures. Looking forward to the sombrero.

  2. I love what you have done so far, and I would love to see a full body Mexican. I think I've only seen one, and he was drunk, leaning against a tree. No matter what you do will be great, but only my 2 cents. Nice going. fred k

  3. Similiar but different! I agree with you, yet, while I have not watched your viking video, it is more than obvious you can carve whatever you wish. You understand the principles behind carving. Just finished watching the arrowhead neckerchief video for your grandson. I have never seen an explanation of wood grain like that before. I realize it will take some time and experience, but at least now I am understanding when you talk about making cuts and splitting the wood. I also have not seen your explanation of how you angle the knife when making stop cuts anywhere either. So much appreciated because I am always getting fuzzies! If you keep this up, I will have a guilty conscience and will have to tip you more than I tip a bartender! lol. Thanks again!