Thursday, September 15, 2011

Muy Caliente! – Part 3

The addition of that piece of wood was a great success so now I can look forward to the next problem.  It’s things like this that add a little spice to your day.   The head is well on it’s way and we should be able to finish it up in the next segment. 


Oh, before you ask……No!  I wasn’t in the Air Force.  Our youngest son was though and retired a couple years ago.  It was the US Army for me as it was for our oldest boy. 


  1. Great progress...I sort of like him without the mustache...not much room there for one unless he gets a small pencil 'stache,will see what you decide. Bet he wont eat any more frijoles from the current source!

  2. Kent:
    Thanks for your note. I too was thinking about a very thin mustache. He definitely needs one though as that is an important characteristic.

  3. Another great save. You make it look so easy. I really enjoy your videos, keep them coming. They help me in areas I have trouble with.
    Is there one blade you like better than another for "old reliable"?

  4. My 2 cents - pencil mustache !!!
    Lynn, as you said, you enjoy taking out one little chip and creating/changing the expression. When you first started how did you gain the experience to be able to sit there and know what to do? I can see your artistic talent from your sketches and your drawing on the wood. Did you draw alot vs. actually carving each and everything? Or did you just keep taking pieces of wood and constantly keep changing the study with each chip of wood knowing it was going to be scrap anyway? Also, I found watching you handle that one little area on the cheek where you had a little bit of trouble with the grain interesting. I am having that problem all of the time. I appreciate Judy making the video (lol) so that I can learn from those unexpected moments. Much appreciated. Thanks Judy!!!

  5. I've always drawn & painted and had an interest in sculpture. Guess woodcarving was just the think I was most comfortable with. I've been carving for a very long time.....over 40 years so anymore a lot of things just come natural to me as I've done them before so many times. Plus, having done it for so long I have a very high level of confidence in what I can do which is also important. Practice is the key to everything.

  6. Lynn, I was away for a few days but I've resumed watching and learning. I am impressed with the ease with which you carved the eyebrows for effect. Picked up good pointers. Again thanks to you and thanks to Judy for what you do. I'm alson with the pencil mustache/ fred k