Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Cheyenne Dog Soldier - Just A Few More Details

Only have to flesh out the lance and shield and it will be time to start work on all those feathers.  Took me two days to paint this fella only to have most of it covered up by that necklace!  Oh well, I know it's all under there somewhere so that's whats important.
The tip of the lance is pounded copper with gives it the appearance of a flint spear point.  I will add some feathers to the top and bottom areas and also do some feather and hair decoration on the shield.  Not really sure if that shield design is one a Dog Soldier would use but I like it and once the detail is added it ought to look real snazzy.
So, after I finish my baloney sandwich it's back to the shop to pluck some feathers!    More photos in the gallery.


  1. Great job on the paint. The colors really bring him to life. Now for the feathers....I am really curious as to how they will look..and I sure am glad I'm not the one to have to carve a lot of them. Great job thus far.