Monday, September 26, 2011

Graduation Day? I'd Say So!

 Glenn Landry was kind enough to send me a couple of photos of his carving "Dusty & Apples".  They were such great examples of carvings from someone who follows the Out West Woodcarving blog that I thought I would share them with you.   One thing I noticed right off is that he evidently got tired of waiting for me to show how to put a figure on a horse and decided to figure it out for himself.  I'd say he did an excellent job of it as that Cowboy looks like him and that cayuse have really "hooked up" as they say.
Nice work Glenn!


  1. Awesome work by Glenn!!!

    With all due respect to Glenn and his multitude of talents (layout, carving, painting, base-making, etc.), this should show you and Judy just how much your efforts in video tutorials mean to us!!!


  2. Great job Glenn and I second with what LMiller said.

  3. Like the others, I want to echo the appreciation to Judy and yourself for helping us improve our carving. We would never achieve the level of carving ability we are going to arrive at someday without your instructions, and the hope you give us that after enough practice, our pieces will look good too. A big old thanks to the Out West Team!!!

  4. OH, GREAT, yet another outstanding woodcarver to feel inferior to:-(

    I'll just go over in the corner and cry for a few minutes...don't worry...I'll get over it:-)

    Seriously, Glenn, You did a really great job!

  5. Great Carving Glenn and ditto about
    Out West Wood Carving and Judy and Lynn. Without you two, we would be
    just so so carvers. With your unselfishness to help us with the wonderful videos you've done to make us better carvers. We are truly gratefull!!!
    Hugs, Mary Anne

  6. Sweet!!!
    There is the saying that if he can do it, I can do it. Now, with more than one person doing it, I have no more excuses!!!

  7. My sintimets exactly. Thanks go to you both, Lynn & Judy for your efforts and expertise.
    Glenn, great job. Now I must get back to my horse and rider.

  8. Excellent carving Glenn. I think we all benefit greatly from L&J's artistry, craft, and expertise. But I'm hoping you'll do a tutorial showing us how to do the rider on a horse sometime too Lynn. In the meantime...giddy-up!