Sunday, September 25, 2011

Muy Caliente! - Part 12

ROADBLOCK!!!  Yep, we hit one.  As occasionally and sometimes always seems to happen when doing something from scratch you hit the wall.   This happened as I was carving the hand holding the bowl.  While I made it through the problem it took me about 3 hours to do it and could have been a complete video series on it’s own.  Well, I don’t want you to face this problem if I can help it so I will look for a different and easier way to accomplish this part of the project with basically the the same result.  


  1. Don't get the impression that I enjoy seeing you have problems, because I don't.
    However, it does make me feel a little bit better about my own struggles with making appropriate hands and feet to see someone at the top of their game encounter similar difficulties. The figure I finally finished yesterday went through 6 hands and 5 bare feet before I called it good enough. (I might give another go at one of the hands to make it even better).
    I am confident you will conquer the current problem, and I sure see where that left hand is a problem. I like the bowl you had on him at the end of the video, it looks different from the carvings with a plate you have done before. Maybe by redoing the right hand a little larger you can still use the bowl on your carving while showing the less experienced of us how to do it with a plate. He looks super with that bowl!!! Hang in there and you will wind up with a unique and wonderful carving.

  2. Lynn, I am really enjoying watching this series, as I stated before I don't think I will be giving him a try. I see that you put the arm template in the gallery, how about laying it straight with a measurement along side, where we can enlarge it or reduce it as the case may be.
    Thank you Judy and Lynn!

  3. I like the bowl too. This one reminds me of one of your cooks and all the antimation you put into it. With the cook bending over with tools in hand. Just to look at it tells a story. I have really enjoyed this series of videos and looking forward to the final decision and hand work.