Friday, January 10, 2014

The Tip Jar

As most of you have noticed, over in the right column there is a little icon titled "Tip Jar".  The reason it's there is for those who think they have gotten something of value from  this blog or want to make a small contribution to ensure that the blog continues, can drop a buck or two into the Out West Woodcarving Expense Fund.   Now, by no means do I want you to think that I'm begging for money cause I'm certainly not.  This blog will probably continue even if the jar is empty and remains that way.  I get a lot of enjoyment out of making my blog posts and both Judy and I have fun filming the videos.  Any money that might go into that Jar would and does go to any maintenance costs involved.  These costs include the yearly Vimeo host fee, a percentage of the DSL costs, and most important, to offer a little help with the repair costs should the computer we use to accomplish all this stuff breaks down which it just did.  For some reason Windows has decided to no longer allow me access to my video production program so the main unit is setting down at the local computer repair shop which I hope can find the problem and the fix.  As you probably may have noticed, the quality of the last video was not that great as I had to use my laptop to load it up and also had to settle for the MP4 format.  Personally, I like the higher quality as I'm sure you do.

Now here is what I request you do should you want to make a contribution.  KEEP THEM SMALL!  Just a buck or two is plenty.  Nothing more than that, please!  We just don't need that much.  And once a year would also be plenty.   Any tips are handled through our PayPal account which we have been using for a number of years and who we trust completely.

So, if you should decide to hit the Jar with a few coins...Thank You very much!  If you don't, no problem, we're still friends.


  1. Happy to do it.
    I check in, time to time. With the knowledge you have passed on in these hours and hours of videos is unreal! I'm sure it has shaved off years my learn'n. I'm not really a caricature carver. Right now I like to carve everything. Your videos have helped with all that I carve.
    Thank you Lynn. Thank you Judy.
    Greg Gerard

  2. I've probably watched every video several times. I have even emailed you a few questions. Glad to throw a few bucks in the tip jar. Thanks!!

  3. Count me in, I just can't believe you and Judy have provide over 300 wonderful video's, here's to the next 300!!!
    Thank you both and I am pleased to help in my small way.


  4. Glad to do it worth every penny

  5. I should have done it long ago. Best value in woodcarving!!!

  6. Carving-wise, it's hard to spend money in a better way than this site. Your videos are eagerly anticipated.