Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Developing A Character - Part 14 - Adding Some Color

Developing A Character - Part 14 - Adding Some Color from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. Judy you are a pro with that camera. You really got in there and kept up with Lynn moving around.
    Again I must say this series is a great one. It is aimed at beginners as well for seasoned carvers. We all will benefit greatly from watching . Thanks a million. Ginny

  2. Oh , I got to tell ya. Love the comb over. LOL Makes me laugh . You said you were almost out of the color you are using for the hair but didn't tell us what that color is.

  3. Wear the stocking cap!! It was a joke!!
    You certainly have practiced that signature, I never thought of doing all the vertical strokes, then filling them in...maybe I can develop a technique that will work for my name, I have been signing in sharpie since when I burn a signature it looks awful. What is the use for the scale in the shop(by the Sand-O-Flex)? Just curious.

  4. They really come to life with the application of paint..makes such a difference. I agree with the comb over, lots of character with that feature.

  5. Hey Judy, I had to agree with you about the drunk, when Lynn first put that color on the nose I thought exactly the same thing, just moments before you said it, but when Lynn got finished it look great.
    I didn’t realize that just turning the sand on flex a little you advanced the sand paper, I always take it apart and do it by hand……….thanks!
    I think this guy is turning out to be another one of my favorite, oh so many; I just love the shape of his head and his mouth expression and the wisps of hair on top of his head, a winner.
    BTW, I think Judy is right about the age spots being brown, at least from what I’ve seen.
    Lynn do me a favor on your next video, pronounce your last name, a carving friend of mine says it one way and I say it another, so how do you say it???