Monday, January 13, 2014

Developing A Character - Part 8 - The Body Details

Part 8 - Body Details from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.

I apologize for the video quality but my computer was having fits when we made it so we were stuck with a much lower quality. Hopefully, this problem will be fixed quickly so we can get on with this project. It's starting to get interesting!


  1. No criticism intended about the stocking cap, just have never seen you in other than a baseball style cap before (like me...I feel naked without my Nebraska cap). Cold I can relate to, and ain't got nothing on me in the bald area, my head is shaved it is so thin, not worth messing with at all. I like the badge and the coat/vest on this bust. And am particularly interesting in watching you do the layers. I sometimes have to stop and really plan out an attack for my layers, and I don't put in as many as you do. This will definitely teach me something.

  2. With the look on that fella's face - a sheriff is definitely a good choice. When you make two cuts to define the vest/coat do the cuts intersect each other exactly at the same depth so that a cut line doesn't show? If not, when do eliminate it from the carving? TNX

    Ron B