Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Developing A Character - Part 13 - Burning & Sanding

Developing A Character - Part 13- Burning & Sanding from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. On my carving I used a Sand-o-flex and used it too much. Sanding away all the knife markings. I'm glad you showed us how you do it. This is are real neat project and you have shown us a lot of how to's Thanks Ginny

  2. Thanks for clarifying what you do to the inside of Ol' reliable. When I first saw the base it stuck me as looking like the top of a barrel, was that intension? As always thanks to you both for your work.

    Ron B.

  3. Can you help me with questions about the Flap Sander setup you use? What size motor do you recommend? What grit rating do you use in your Flap Sander?

    Thanks to you and Judy both for the tutorials!!!