Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Old Barn Comes Down

The Old Barn Comes Down from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.

The other day, while Judy and I were out picking up brush, a fellow stopped by and asked if we'd like that old barn taken down.  "Sure!  How much!" Now, sn't that the first question you'd ask?  "Nothing!" he said, "I'll drop it for the lumber."  Well, it seems the guy does this for a living, dropping old barns and selling the wood to a recycling business in Peculiar, Missouri.  Here's the link:  I made a video of the drop for our Son who lives overseas and who actually owns the property the barn sets on but considering the number of hits it's been getting from others familiar with this site I thought I'd just leave it up.  It took a lot longer to fall that the fella thought as that corn crib on the left hand corner just refused to let it go.  It finally fell around the 8:20 mark on the video.

It's really a shame these old structures are disappearing.  It can all be blamed on the round bailing method that's now being used when putting up hay.  Those bales can be left out in the weather so there is no real need to protect the hay once it's cut.  They can set in the field for several years without any serious loss of nutrients.  At least that's what I've been told.  A good thing about taking them down is that their wood is highly sought after being as it is mostly old-growth hardwood. Looking at the beautiful things made from this wood in the link above, while being sorry to see them disappear, it's nice to know that they will live on in another form.


  1. I can understand you wanting the old barn down, due to safety concerns. The first thing I thought of was that I would have loved to get that wood. There is tremendous value in that old wood, you can't get the quality or anywhere near the width of those old boards anymore. I am just a little surprised that a guy as handy as you hasn't salvaged that wood himself and made some beautiful furniture or floors out of it. Interesting video, I would have thought they would have dismantled it rather than pull it down before the salvage..would think they could get more wood with a more careful approach. I am sure the property will look better with it gone.

  2. T...i...m...b...e...r....
    I would love to have some of that old wood, beautiful.....


  3. At least it is being recycled. So many are just claimed by the ages.

  4. Fun video. It is really neat that the wood is reused again. I was really enthralled by the cracking of the timbers during the process. It sounded really awesome. BTW, I sure do love your carving videos. Please keep them coming.


  5. As stout as that old barn was...its a shame to take it down! new siding and it would have been a good storage building!