Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"You Ought To See The Other Guy!" - Finished!

This poor fella just checked into the local Emergency Ward.  I sure hope he heals up okay.  Special note:  If you see him and he asks you out for a couple of beers I'd think up a good excuse not to go!

I really like painting things like this as it stretches my limited skill each time.  Most people would think bruises are purple but they're not.  Anyone who's had a shiner or a twisted ankle knows the color variations that show up.  I gave him a denim jacket as I hadn't done one in a while.  I wish the orange stitching showed up a little better but it's there so at least I tried.

Anyway, more photos in the Gallery and your comments are always welcomed.


  1. He looks great..well, he looks repaired at least. I like the denim jacket, it looks old and comfortable. With your attention to detail, to get the color of the bruises right...I bet you had Judy whop you one on the eye, right? Great job.

  2. Excellent carving detail and superb painting Lynn. This guy really looks "beat up".

  3. "stretches my limited skill" please. I any one can do it's you sure can. Great piece. Ginny

  4. Very nice, I like the little touch of the shinny dribble of blood coming from his nose, very life-like.