Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Daily Grind - Part 10 - Wrapping It Up!

He's finally finished.  Everything is put in place and anchored down.  Unfortunately, during the upload of the video the picture dropped out at the 17.25 mark for about three minutes till it picks up again at 21.50. The audio is still there and you didn't miss that much...just the glueing of the figure to the base so it's not a total loss.  I guess those things happen occasionally.  Also, I forgot to film the insertion of the spurs!  Sorry!  I wonder if these things happen out in Hollywood? He turned out to be a pretty impressive piece.  There are a number of areas that I could have improved upon but I'll leave that till the next one takes shape.

I hope you enjoyed this painting adventure and maybe picked up some things you can use.  For myself,  I learned how to paint a leather-looking vest, something I hadn't done before but will definitely do again. I also tried a new trick with the lantern which I will pass along to you in the future.  So, as always happens, if you're willing to experiment and try new things your work always becomes better for it.

Daily Grind - Part 10 - Wrapping it up from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. Another great learning experience (foibles and all)Lynn and thanx to you & Judy for generously providing us with a sampling of your artistic technique.

  2. A one of a kind treasure. This project was very exciting for me. When you drilled the holes for the watch chain I blow off the saw dust for ya.No kidding I blow as if it was right here in front of me.
    Can't wait for the next series. Thanks a million. Ginny

  3. Another great project and carving finished. I have a 4 minute interlude towards the latter part of the tutorial that is black screen but voice still present..not sure if it is me or the upload. tons f details, lots of time invested to make sure all is accurate and right, and it shows. Great carving (again) from OutWest. Thanks for taking us along for the ride with this project.

  4. Mere words cannot express how grateful I am to you and Judy for the time, talent, and patience you guys share with us.

    This series has been wonderful. Looking forward to see what your next project is!

  5. The end of another fantastic series, the detail on this cowboy is outstanding, if he hopped down off his base and walked off into the sunset I would,nt be surprised, he looks so lifelike.
    By the way I was looking back through some of your older videos and that really brings it home as to the difference the HD makes. Thanks again and am looking forward to the next video series, keep up the good work. Trev

  6. Your attention to detail turns a Super carving and Wonderful paint job into a true piece of art. Thank You Again for your patience and willingness to share and teach.
    I just have one suggestion, how about at the end of your videos when you give us your "signature sign-off" "Until next time, I'll talk to ya later" how about looking into the camera. (By the way your stories and verbal trips as you "create" your art really let us in on your personality and character...Thanks for letting us "in".)

  7. Lynn, thank you for the Daily Grind series. It was excellent. Since I usually paint a plain straight color I took notes on your shading process. It looks so realistic. I can't wait to use your techniques on my next carving.
    Wayne D

  8. Lynn, thank you and Judy so much, this was a Master series in painting.....

  9. Another great series Lynn,I doubt it will hang around long.It could win many ribbons in K.C. Good luck there. Thanks again to you and Judy for your sharing.