Thursday, March 07, 2013

Daily Grind - Part 4 - Hat, Holster & Gun

We taped this segment this morning using the new camera, a Sony CX-220.  I produced it in both MP4, the format used by Youtube and most other similar cites, and then made a duplicate in HD which is just below this.  HD is great but it has it's drawbacks being as it's such a large file.  Compared to the 139MB for the MP4 the HD version takes up 851MB.  It took a little over 5 hours to upload the HD video.   If you download these files for your personal use this higher quality will definitely affect your copying.   So.........   You are going to have to let me know what you want.   Do you want the higher resolution of HD or are you satisfied with the MP4?  We do this for you so you'll be the deciding factor.

 OOPS! I just noticed that I dropped a segment at the end of the Hat where I paint the hatband and do some dry brushing with white to finished it up. Too late now! We've covered that before so if you need to you can review some of the earlier posts.  Sorry!

Here's the HD version:

Daily Grind - Part 4 - Hat, Holster & Gun - HD from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.
And here is the MP4.
Daily Grind - Part 4 - Hat, Holster & Gun - MP4 from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.
Looking forward to your comments as always.


  1. Well, the first comment did't work.

    At first I did not see much of a difference until Judy did a tight close up. Then there was a big difference to me. Much clearer. Judy does a fantastic job recording . Even if you move around . With the new camera she was able to keep up with ya. I could almost count the hairs on your arm, he he. I think the HD videos are wonderful for us viewers but it is going to be harder for you and Judy. I for one thank you both for the trouble and the expense of all of this. I'm truly grateful.
    Enjoyed watching you paint the hat.

  2. The MP4 works fine for me....but could we get it in surround sound?....LOL!

    Your mantra has always been "just keep it simple" so I vote MP4.

    And thanx for always updating your site, videos, and artistry. Plus a big 10-Q to Judy too for her camera work.

  3. The HD really makes a difference, especially when you are showing close shots of detail work. I personally like to have photography as sharp and clear as possible, it's easier to watch. That being said, that extended upload time must be a real pain, so I'm going to hang around no matter what format you decide to use.
    Will your new camera allow you to use an off camera mic? Something that you could clip to your shirt to do away with the loud background noises that the camera picks up? That would be a real plus for the production quality.
    There's always so much to be learned from your videos and blog, THANKS!

  4. I'm fine with either format really. I can see well enough on the lower resolution to follow what you're doing and while it may be a little fuzzy at times, every little nick or cut isn't all that important really. I'm just trying to learn from your methods and techniques, not duplicate your work. I can do that just fine on the the MP4 format. Just my two cents.

    Can't thank you and Judy enough for these. They are a BIG help to those of us trying to learn.

  5. I am really impressed with the quality of the HD is amazingly clearer and brighter on my computer. It sure is a memory hog though. I see that the MP4 is twice as long as the HD in minutes, but it uses 1.5 GB less. That is a tremendous amount of upload time,if they were the same length you would have been 10 hours uploading the HD. I recently downloaded a complete series on a project and I can see it taking a much longer time to download a video as well as uploading it. That said, the HD would be worth the extra time and effort as far a I am concerned. Computer memory is ridiculously large these days, this machine I am running came from the factory with a terabyte of hard drive, and it is a laptop...I never figured I would need that much, but who knows, with HD videos I may eventually need more. Long way from my first computer that had a 40 MB hard drive and we thought that was big :) If the HD isn't too much for your time allowance, I vote for it. And thanks for the effort and money you spend on these videos, I need to make a visit to the tip jar, as do all the folks who watch your videos. BTW, whatever was laying on the bench behind you over your right shoulder sure looked like a big spider there...was waiting for you to jump and swat it.

  6. The HD version wasn't all that bad to download on my computer. It is much more crisp when viewing. I vote HD if it doesn't take too much time on your end.

    The magic that you work with a paint brush is almost as extraordinary as that the comes from your carving knife.

    Please give Judy our thanks for her patience in all the filming from behind the lens.

    Thanks Lynn!!!


  7. Can someone tell me how to down load the videos so that I can save them? I use a Mac. Thanks.....