Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Daily Grind - Part 3 - Boots, Jeans & A Coffee Pot

WooHoo!  New table and hopefully better views!   I built a mobile table to aid in the recording of these videos which should give you a better view of what's taking place.  Let me know what you think.

In this one we paint the boots, jeans and the coffee pot.

Daily Grind - Part 3 - Boots, Jeans, Coffee Pot from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. All this time I thought you painted the jeans with a very thin washed down midnight blue. Didn't realize you use a tan to high light. That explains why my jeans never looked as good as yours. Of course none of my carving and painting looks anything as look as yours. But I'm learning. I'm loving this guy. Thanks Lynn and Judy. Ginny

  2. I'm so excited , I can't wait for the next installment . Many , many thanks Ginny

  3. You about had my heart stopped!!! The mere thought of this being your last video sent my heart into palpitations!

    We look forward to each and every video.

    Thanks for taking the time and putting your effort into the rolling cart for better filming angles. That really does help us.

    Thanks Tons!


  4. I have a list here next to my computer, so far it has asphaltum and midnight blue on it. Guess I need to clip a Michaels or Hobby Lobby coupon Sunday. My Mom had an antique shop in Houston for years, and when I lived in Nebraska I went to tons of estate sales buying for her. I also collected myself. I bought tons of spatter-ware (also called granite ware) like your coffee pot. They made every kitchen thing imaginable right down to spatulas and turning forks in spatter-wear. The blue is the most collectible (for some reason folks like blue best), but I have collected many colors over the, green, black, white, and even yellow. Just wondering if you ever mix it up a bit and change the color of the coffee pots and mugs? That bent brush is interesting, I wonder if I can bend a brush like it..might have to sacrifice a cheapo first to see. Hope you enjoy the new camera, I bet we do. Thanks for the trouble and effort you all put into the videos. This fella is looking good, and I marveled at all the belt/chap/ cartridge belt detail I saw up close during this video.

  5. Wonderful video Lynn, I learned a lot thanks so much, and thank you Judy. Can't wait for ther next video. fred k