Friday, March 08, 2013

The Daily Grind - Part 5 - The Chaps

We start working on the Chaps in this one.  Hopefully, I got all the segments in this time.

Daily Grind - Part 5 - The Chaps from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. The chaps looks worn and dusty..just like you like them. And very realistic also. Progress is occurring on this fella, and his appearance is better every day. He will be yet another in a long line of winners from your studio.

  2. Lynn, The HD comes thru nice and clear. It is much easier to see the details in your work. I would like to see you continue with it. I really learned how to paint watching the video with the hat and the chaps. Time will tell if I can actually apply the technique the next time I paint a project.

  3. Lynn,
    I think we are being wishy washy on which way to go on the videos is because you are giving US a gift and we are very appreciative of that gift, so we want to make giving us that gift as easy for you and Judy as possible.

    I like the HD, who really wouldn’t, BUT if it is quicker and easier for you to not to upload it that way we will be good with that.

    Now….I’m not sure your new layout for painting is giving us a better view, the lighting is a lot better but it seems it might be blocking us more shooting from the front.

    The chaps look great, I never really thought about the wear and tear of the clothes, what a huge difference that makes.

    Gee, I might of gone a little overboard with the feedback comments, one might think I'm getting paid by the word.....

  4. Lynn and Judy. The HD videos are very nice
    But like Deb said you are doing US a favor by producing these videos. Make it easy on yourself.I think no matter which format you use we are all going to be right here watching. I am for sure. Is the new camera worth it? I would say yes.
    Again you make painting look fun and easy. I know it isn't easy but if I knew as much as you on how to do all of this I might would love to paint too.
    Some many colors to paint the chaps is amazing. You know what the chaps look real too. Amazing.
    Thanks again Ginny

  5. I like the HD, BUT if it is quicker and easier for you as MP4's then please go with that the less time you spend loading video the more time you spend teaching us (hope hope).There are a lot of things you do that i will likely use but not necessarily copy. You can always use HD to show us the real tricky stuff.I do like this angle for painting it may even work for some parts of carving.thank you Lynn and Judy for giving us the gift of your time and your talents. take care

  6. The only additional "work" involved in using this higher quality format is the time involved in uploading it which is no bother as it gives me more time to watch an extra Cowboy movie on the Western Channel.

  7. Lynn,

    The mobile painting table and the new camera are improvements. We appreciate them!

    The HD is an enhancement that puts the crowning touch to the process.

    I vote for HD.

    Thanks again.


  8. Well if you say it is no extra work just time consuming is all then I vote HD. Many Many thanks Ginny

  9. Lynn,the HD is far superior.The positioning of the camera is no problem.I gain far more from watching your brush strokes.I think,sometimes your painting talent surpasses your carving.As with the others,your generosity in sharing your experience is greatly appreciated.

  10. I vote for HD as long as it doesn't bother you. Go and watch a cowboy movie for me. In fact I'm going in and watch Hoppy. fred k