Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Daily Grind - Part 7 - The Shirt

Oops!  Someone forgot to delete the previous videos off the memory card.  I won't name any names but their initials are Lynn Doughty!  As a result, this one ends kind of abruptly.  Sorry!  The only thing missing was the painting of the neckerchief so you didn't miss too much.  Maybe I should cut back on telling my life experiences and philosophy of carving and painting?

Daily Grind - Part 7 - Painting the Shirt from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. By all means leave the commentary as that's what makes your videos so natuarl & intersting.

  2. Of course you should keep in opinion, anecdotes, and commentary...that makes it interesting. I have made a new note to self...no white for highlights. I stopped using white for eyes like you suggested, and it works well. I also stopped indicating the iris in my eyes (iris is the colored part for those that might not be familiar with the terminology), and that I am not so sure about. I agree with no doll's eyes, but when an eye is on the larger size (which I like on Santas and occasional other faces) then I think a small indication of color around the pupil looks good. Will have to experiment to find my style..which should be (IMHO) the goal of us all...to assimilate the best of all instructors and arrive at a personal style. Who wants to go to a show and see 30 tables of clones,,not I! I like this guy more and more as you work your pigment powers on him...I can see the life entering the carving with each video. I am torn between which aspect adds the most to your carvings..the excellent technical aspect of the carving, or the artistic aspect of the painting. I wonder what the others think. Have a great day and I am looking forward to the next installment.

  3. Please Lynn keep the commentary and anecdotes coming just as they are, in my opinion they add to the total package of Outwest Woodcarving videos!
    In answer to slowmovers question, that's a tricky one I believe they go hand in hand and one enhances the other, I don't think you could make an average carving with a fantasic paint job look this good.
    To get anything like this standard I think you must be a great carver, know your anatomy, be creative and able to visualise, and last but not least be able to use colours to blend , shade and highlight the way Lynn does.
    In sort all the things most of us only dream of.
    Look forward to the next video keep up the good work

  4. Keep the running commentary. It adds to the homey feel that sets you apart.

  5. It is amazing to me all the things you know and we wish we knew. That's what is so important about these videos.
    I love your comments. They are the true and I think most of us agree with ya. .
    Again thanks Ginny

  6. I'll add my vote to keep in the comments as well. Makes things feel a little less stiff and formal than a traditional class and I like that. Besides, we all get to know you a little better in the process and that's a good thing too.