Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Old Timer

I think he's a winner for sure.  Really like the way the chaps turned out.  There's lot of color in them....five as a matter of fact.  I've included several closeup photos in the gallery as some of you wanted to see the details a little clearer.
As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.


  1. Lynn, looks great as always, but you forgot to put the pictures in the gallery.............woops

  2. He didn't forget, The Old Timer changed Chaps before getting his picture taken. hehehe!

  3. Lynn, he sure is a winner! Like him a whole lot.
    When you do post the pics to the Picasa site - I don't know if there are settings you have to adjust or enable - the zoom funtion is still not working on your pics. It is working on another carver's Picasa pages.

  4. PeterG, Some peoples zoom is working and others is not. Not sure what controls it on your computer. It must be a version of IE people are on or a setting in the options of IE. If you go into a Picture up on the top left, it says FULL Screen. Click that and click pause under the picture and advise to the next picture at your leisure.