Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Old Timer

 Here's an Old Codger....which is what I was originally going to call him until I remembered I had an extra Old Timer nameplate.  I've done several of him before but always change something to keep it original.  The angora chaps in this case.   He's mounted on a stone I picked up out in west Texas.  Everywhere we go anymore I'm always looking for neat things to incorporate into my pieces.  I think they really add and anchor a piece to it's place in the west.  It also helps sales for that same reason. I just used a masonry bit to drill the holes in the rock and will dowel him in place with some epoxy.
Lots more photos in the gallery along with some of the past pieces so you can compare.  Comments always welcomed and appreciated.


  1. WOW! What an amazing carving! Unpainted and so much personality and detail! Totally inspiring.

  2. He kinda resembles my Grandpa Jones, but I don't think he ever wore chaps! I thought you had changed the chaps when I was looking at the color pictures on Picassa....then I realized it was a different carving...unless you changed the base also.