Thursday, January 13, 2011

Picasa Gallery Problems

I know a number of you are experiencing problems with moving about and enlarging photos in the Gallery section.  While I'm still not experiencing this so can really suggest no solution for the moment I did receive the following note from a follower which might help in the meantime:

"I have done some checking about the picture problem at Picasa and it seems that there are a lot of folks experiencing the same problem concerning the big black screen.  I used the "help" feature and found that Google is attempting to process things like another photo hosting site and it isn't working to well.  Until they get the kinks out someone recommended the slideshow function.  I tried that and the pictures come in right away and they are magnified.  Plus there is also a full screen button that makes them really large.  You will have to adjust the time on the slideshow as it moves quickly."

Hopefully this will get cleared up soon and we can all get back to messing up the floor!   Thanks for your patience and thanks Terry, for passing along that information. 


  1. Hi Lynn, just wanted to say I'm mesmorized by your work. It has inspired me. I just bought some wood carving knives and wanted to get started and found your blog and will follow it closely. I've watched the entire horse videos and was amazed. Thank you for doing this...

  2. The Slideshow is working for me, no more black screen! One Note: the picture appears with a black screen behind it. So it is like my problem is with a single picture trying to use the slide show format and it moves to the second picture and there isn't one so it is a black screen. There is no way to go back to the 1st (only)picture or to play the slide show again. So I get the black screen of death. Glad to here google is working on it though.