Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Miner Shows Up!

Here's a quick sketch of the miner that will be on the other end of the rope from that mule.  His foot will be braced against a sign on the trail that points to some gold field somewhere. Will probably make the rope out of twisted wire so it will retain it's shape over time.
Hope you like him.  Comments welcome as always.


  1. Lynn, looks like you've got another winner going here. I like this guy a great deal. I wish I could put my finger on it, but it looks, to me, there is a 'little' something missing from him. Maybe his clothes need holes, he needs a side arm, or ?? Just can tell you exactly what. Perhaps, soeone else that feels the same way can hit the nail on the head.

    Will really like seeing this one come together.


  2. I agree! It looks like a great scene in the making. Yet, we have to give that ole mule credit for knowin' that Deadwood is all panned out, and not wanting to tote the load that far. :)

  3. Remember....this is just a sketch.

  4. Lynn, I'm wondering how many "pieces" is this guy going to have to be? Wish I could sketch out a guy like this..............

    Did you find an solution to our Gallery "problem"?

  5. Looks great Lynn! I think the action of the scene will make it a winner for sure! Thanks for showing the sketch. I always enjoy seeing the beginning of an idea as it forms on paper.

  6. Very good design, love the action.The clothing should be determined by whether he is going ( new grubstake) or returning(old worn out). Maybe the bandana would be better hanging from a back pocket rather than around his neck like a cowboy. I trust that your usual attention to detail will make this an outstanding carving.

  7. Sketch is great... just great. Being a newbee carver I have quickly discovered that the craft is so much more that a good knife and a block of wood. It combines
    The Knowledge of wood..
    The Art of Knife Sharpening..
    The Art of Research ..
    The Art of Sketching your design..
    The actual Art of Carving..
    ...and the Art of Patients

    and perhaps the art of self healing... :)

  8. Great sketch Lynn, I wish I could draw like that. What's missing? The only thing I see is that the miner is probably gritting his teeth trying to move such a heavy stubborn mule but this is a sketch. Also I am glad carvings are silent, I am sure some explicatives are coming from his mouth!