Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I can't remember whether I ever posted this little bust.  I did it quite a few years ago for a friend who had to have brain surgery.  The Columbus Hospital is in Chicago if I can remember correctly.  The ponytail was also one of his distinguishing characteristics.  Anyway, while doing the Surgeon I remembered that I had some photos of this piece hidden in the files somewhere so I thought I would dig them out and display them here.
As you can see by the accompanying photos in the Gallery, the top of his head flips open to reveal a little grey matter.  From the crack that's visible he must have taken a tumble .  As any good surgeon would do, I hollowed out the interior of his skull and then carefully sutured my carved lobes into place with the help of a little Elmers.   The tricky part of the whole operation was the installation of the little hinge so they could keep track of his healing progress.
Half the fun I have in carving is coming up with new ways to do things even though they might present a challenge.  This is a good example of that.  I've never done anything similar and probably won't in the future but the expression on my friends face when I gave it to him was more than worth the effort of making it.
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  1. I think he is really neat. I like the flip top. You have 3 pictures of him with the head flipped up in the Picasa Gallery under Scanned Photos Vol 1. You have to goto Show All Albums at the bottom first. For those who want to see inside. It is small and hard to see detail, does it say "Eat at Joe's"? hehehe.