Friday, February 04, 2011

Eyeglasses – How To Make Them

The Old Timer 016

I've received a number of requests on how to make eyeglasses so I thought  that is one video I think we could crank out for you at this moment.  I didn't hold anything back on this get to see all the problems that occur when old fingers try to do delicate work.  It's really not as difficult as I make it look.

The important thing to remember is to make sure you choose the right sized wire for the figure.  Also, as I point out in the video, use silver solder as it's much stronger than normal electrical solder.  The last thing you'd want is for your welded joint to come apart once you've given or sold your carving.

So, have fun and don't burn your fingers….or the table top like I did.



  1. A very informative lesson, thanks for the tips. Like everything else, quality products take a lot more steps and care than is readibly apparent. It is refreshing and gives me some hope when I see an expert like you have some trouble and struggles, reminding me that I am not unique in my difficulties. thanks for the instruction, and you two have a great weekend.

  2. Fantastic video..Thanks so much!!! More to makeing glasses than meets the eye...and the idea of putting the Gun Blueing in a baby food jar..Thanks! Hugs to You, Judy and your Mom

  3. Great video Lynn!

    Can't wait to try a pair.

    I guess your mom is better and we thank God for that.

    How deep is the snow at your place?

  4. Excellent Lynn, going to make me a pair!!! Welcome back Judy, you've been missed.

    Lynn, you still haven't uploaded the painted pictures of the Old-Timer unless I'm not seeing something and the way all this crazy stuff is going on with the computer, that me be.

  5. Hey Deb,

    I can see them. He looks a little different as he is holding a rope in his left hand.

  6. Deb: They're there just in a different album. Just go to the Gallery section and up in the right hand corner you'll see "Sort by: Album Date/Upload Date" Just click on Upload Date and they'll be right up front. Sorry...forgot I had two of them in there.

  7. Thanks for this great tutorial on how to make Eyeglasses. I enjoyed it so much that I have linked to it from my Wood Carving Website.

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  9. I'm trying to make glasses for my latest carving without the best results.
    I tried 18ga. stranded (picture) wire and 18ga. aluminum wire as well as copper wire about the same thickness with poor results. I'm thinking you are using either galvanized or stainless steel wire for your glasses. Would you please advise. Your video says coiled wire which is what I started with. The soldering doesn't seem to work the best with the wire I have tried to date and the gun bluing doesn't oxidize on the aluminum wire as well as the wire in your video.
    I appreciate your efforts with the website and enjoy it very much. Thanks for all your efforts.