Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Coal Miner - Part 5 - Mustache & Ears

Coal Miner - Part-5-Mustache & Ear from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. Welcome back to the wood carving world. Lynn, can you tell me what changed your mind on two things.
    1. using a gouge?
    2. the caricature? Thanks Ginny

  2. The change is not set in concrete yet but, as you will find the longer your carve, many things will have an impact on what you end up with. In my case it's the upcoming Woolaroc show in October that's pressing. I have GOT to get several carvings completed for that that will be orientated toward the oil industry. I'm under no obligation to do that but I think I owe them big time for the opportunity they gave me last year. But, even discounting that reason, many of my past efforts have ended up being completely different from the original concept. It just happens that way.You head off in one direction but things pull you somewhere else.

    As for the use of the gouge... I won two of them in a whittling contest and have just been having fun with them. I like the softer look of the hair they create when compared to the graphic separation with the knife. But, if I see that my style is starting to appear too much to that of others then I'll quickly revert back to the old way. The last thing I want is for my work to start looking like everybody else's. There's way to much of that going on already.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I think it is great that you will be at the Woolrock again, maybe I can make it over this time. It matters not to me what the subject of the tutorials is, it is the learning that I am interested in. I can always change the accents and pose to make it a different character. In fact that is what I advocated on your Facebook page..those folks out there that are afraid to change a thing have to be irritating to you..especially all those that go to the gallery and copy carvings you haven't put out into the pubic domain. It isn't hard to change up a carving. It is the techniques and tips I get from you that has elevated my carving ability...not that it is great, but it is better than before I found your blog. Early morning on the porch sounds like an ideal place to carve, makes a nice break from all the spring maintenance we are all doing. Have a great day over there.

  4. If you plan on coming for that event you'd better start saving your will cost you $150 to get through the gate! The Outlaw & Cow Thieves Reunion is their annual fundraising event that attracts all the Museum high rollers and other supporters looking for a wild time out in the Osage hills. I've been told that after a few drinks they get pretty loose with their cash. Sounds like my kind of crowd!!!!

  5. You have probably already have this in your arsenal of reference material,the movie "You Know My Name" with Sam Elliot as Marshall Bill Tilghman has some great graphics of the Oklahoma oil boom of the twenties.Pretty gruesome in some scenes but might of some assistance to you.

  6. If it is a charity event, it is probably out of my league....My Dad had a career with Phillips Petroleum back in 40's through the 80"s, and he was around when the company was still youngish and the Phillips boys were in charge. He was in management, and occasionally we would go to one of the big events, and man did they throw the cash around. Those oil and big land folks know how to spend, I am not a big enough fish for that type of event. Good luck though, maybe they will throw a barrel of cash your way for your carvings of the oilfield. Good luck.

  7. Lynn, I wasn't complaining . I was just wondering , that's all. I have never seen you use a gouge before. I was carving along with ya but jumped ahead with the mustache, It's too late for me to change that but I don't see that as being a problem.
    Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for all you and Judy do for all of us. Ginny

  8. Lynn I must say I prefer the results your getting using the gouge for the hair and stash, gives it a different look, more realistic I think .
    Looking forward to the next instalment keep up the good work, and thanks for fitting us all in to what sounds like a very busy time for you both. Trev