Friday, May 10, 2013

Attachments - Legal or Illegal?

Slowmover brought up an excellent question as a comment on the Part 8 video.  Here it is along with my views on the matter:

Neat technique.....nobody could ever carve a bill that thin, and it is looking so natural. I want to ask you if you ever run into resistance at shows due to the metal and other material attachments and adornments on your carvings. We have a contest every two months at our club, and it was last weekend. I took in a cowboy that I had used low dome tacks to make conchos around his hat band..looked really good to me. The first words out of the mouth of one of the old timers in the club were "You can't put that in the show (meaning this fall, our big show) it has metal on it". Not wanting to argue or any controversy at a meeting I just smiled and said Don't it look pretty? (as an aside, it took first in the intermediate category, voted on by members present at the meeting) I sure like the look that the tacks, reins on horses, etc give, but really don't want a fight at our show this fall. Our rules just say made of technically they have a point. I just wondered how much push you get at the big shows.

To put it bluntly, I couldn't care less about what others might think about what might be considered allowed or not allowed.  I look at my efforts as 'sculpture' not necessarily woodcarvings. Wood is just one of the mediums I use.  Granted, it might be the main one but it will never be the only one.  If I can come up with a way to enhance the look that I'm after that might be made from materials other than wood I'll certainly check it out to see if it will work.   As for my entering my pieces into competition I've never had any problems.  Quite the contrary, they must be considered acceptable as they've managed to win their share of awards against the stiffest competitors.  That makes me feel especially good as the judges recognize that pushing the envelope is not something we should shy away from.   Naturally, there are those old mossbacks that continue to profess there is only one, true road that everyone should follow.  To those I say "Bunk!"  Get the hell out of my way!


  1. I have never entered a show . So I really can't comment on that part of the issue. But using things other than wood to make a carving better, So what! I with Lynn on this one. I'll bet those old fogies don't make videos to help people learn to carve either. That's my two cents on the subject. Ginny

  2. its art. open your mind not your mouth!
    love your work Lynn. thanks for all you and Judy do!

  3. Just for smiles. Does that mean we can't use screws to mount to the base?? J/k but for those that can't use metal in wood carvings. Do name plates count? (also kidding). Its those things that really have set your work to a new standard. Love the fine detail that is obtained to give a sharp crisp look, that really can't be accomplished otherwise. The fact that you have implemented fine metal detail in unnoticed to the carving I give two thumbs up! you have stretched wood carving to a new limit.

  4. whats that saying

    "those that can't write become critics?"
    sam carnes