Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Coal Miner - Part 11 - Priming the Hat

In this one we prime the hat and look forward to starting the body.


  1. Boy oh boy, Things are looking really good. Can't wait to start watching more. Thanks Ginny

  2. Lynn, how about a couple of pictures of the head in the gallery and I sure hope your going to put the pattern for the body on there also.

    Thank you and Judy ever so much!!!!


  3. Looking very good as usual. I will be very interested in seeing what details you put onto/with the body.

    Ron B.

  4. I use the exact same wood filler occasionally. I sometimes have a problem when I glue on arms..I can't see the position of the arms after I get a wrap or two of the inner tube on and occasionally they rotate or slip a bit, giving me a little gap. I had trouble after using the filler in making the color match with an acrylic wash as the filler absorbed the wash differently than the wood. What helped me was to decide on the final color of the area in which I used the filler and tinted the filler with that color straight from the bottle....it was a pretty good match to the final color of the wash and makes an invisible seam where the filler is. I noticed you painted the entire hat and light with the primer..I figured it was so the surface was uniform for paint absorption. You have some neat projects n your bench, and the miner is looking better and better. Thanks for the latest tutorial and looking forward to more.

  5. Thanks Lynn for this great tutorial and Judy for your good camera work, I find this so informative and hope I can do something like this in the near future. fred k