Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Coal Miner - Part 6 - The Eyes

Had to revert back to the MP4 format as the length of this video was just too long for an HD upload.  Sorry.

Coal Miner - Part 6 - The Eyes from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.'s an edited HD version.

Coal Miner - Part-6-HD Close Up-Mustache & Ear from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. Jeepers Creepers......what a set of Peepers! You do a great set of eyes each time, and make it look so easy. I, like a lot of carvers I suspect, make carving eyes harder than it has to be by having a fear of them. I am not as intimidated by eyes as I was 4 years ago, but still sort of dread doing them at times. I notice that you make the open section of the eye smaller than a lot of carvers, and t actually is more correct. I study folks (usually on TV as staring at real people can get you arrested, slapped, or pepper sprayed) and a lot of folks are almost squinting as their normal eyelid position. I have been trying to consciously reduce the eye and it looks better. Good instruction, but you can really tell the difference from the HD and the old format....we got spoiled after you started the HD. The cold spell will pass, then back to yard work I assume...has been a crazy spring weather wise, we have killed off tree buds and blossoms three times here already from late freezes...guess the global warming is on vacation this spring.

  2. Again a very informative video. I can wait to see the next video. thanks oh so much. Lynn without Out west videos we wouldn't be able to learn as fast and as good. thank a million. Ginny

  3. After watching both versions of the eyes video I have an idea for ya. It may not be possible but here goes. If you could stop ever so offend and take a still picture would really be nice. We would be able to see the details a little better. Am I asking too much? I hope not. Thanks Ginny

  4. Good always! I agree with Ginny, it would be very helpful to stop and show a before and after close up of small detail areas like the small but critical cuts around the eyes. And yes, we are getting spoiled with the HD! At one time I was teaching carving to Scouts and found that if I had a particular cut that I wanted them to see, it was a lot more clear if I spritzed the wood with a little water just before making the cut.

  5. Thanks Lynn and Judy another great tutorial, some real good close ups and that HD shows some amazing detail! I'm learning more with each one!!
    I really liked the mountain man head had a very different look to the others, much thinner and taller, kinda elf like. Would love to see you use that one and what you'd do with him! I'm very new to carving and think I might just spend some time just carving heads to use as and when I find a good subject! Should be good practice . Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work. Trev

  6. Lynn This guy is looking really good I think hes going to be a great looking miner That style mustache really makes him look early period very nice piece
    I see the carving half breed sold thats what happens when i think on something to long but im always waiting to see what you carve next I do want some kind of native to add to my collection though
    keep up the great work you and Judy are making great videos