Friday, April 26, 2013

The Coal Miner - Part 4 - More Nose

Okay!  We're back!  It was such a nice day I moved a chair outside for a little fresh air whittling.

Coal Miner - Part 4-More Nose from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. You have to move occasionally or the buzzards will assume you are dead. I hear on the video that you aren't that far from the road, amazing how much activity there can be even in the country (I assume you live out of town, maybe just on the edge from the noise). It sure is pretty over in that part of Oklahoma, I enjoy going to the eastern part and sitting on the wife's uncles porch and watching the hummingbirds at the feeder that hangs on the porch. Sure is nicer scenery there than over hear on the high Texas plains...Oh, the carving video was nice also, good review of basics and nice to see that you listen to the wood and go with the flow. I never seem to finish with the face I had in mind when I start, but that is the fun part..the best ones just kind of happen. Hope the ice cream was good, if I had been there it would have been a DQ Blizzard, my favorite. Enjoy the beautiful spring days.

  2. Tell Judy we saw the buzzards and SlowMover is right, better keep moving out there. And here I thought that show was filmed across from my house all of these years. I guess there is at least one in every neighbor.
    Don't you just love carving outside when it is nice, I enjoy sitting on my front porch and just carve away. Glad to have y'all back and I love Brusters, turtle sundae in a waffle bowl, good!


  3. Kudos to Judy. Excellent camera work. I was beginning to have withdrawals. I need my carving fix ( your videos ) .We all know work before pleasure. Thanks oh so much. It is very interesting how the eyebrows just happen, No planning . They just appear and I like that. Thanks Lynn and Judy. Ginny

  4. Good to have you both back after your busy week and liked the outdoors carving!
    Don't know if you,ll know the answer to this Lynn or not but I can't get basswood anywhere here in the uk, all I can get is lime wood. I've been told its the same as basswood just called lime over here!! Do you know if that's true or not? Or even if any of my fellow Outwest addicts out there may know the answer!!! I'd be most grateful, thanks and keep up the good work.
    Looking forward to the instalment. Trev

  5. More fine work as always. Tell Judy she's a better camerawoman than she thinks; I can see those buzzards from up here in Canada!

  6. Trev, lime wood is the same thing as bass wood.

    Ron B.

  7. Thanks Rob , just need to learn how to carve it like Lynn does , can't use the wood as an excuse anymore ....!!!
    Cheers Trev

  8. Ourdoor lighting is nice. I must say I like the HD option you post. Really makes a big difference.... in my opinion!..