Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Coal Miner - Part 2 - Changes?

Well, I told you I was just going to "wing it" with this character as that's what I normally do when coming up with figures.  I had an old head laying around and thought I'd just try out some details on it to see how things would look.  Well, they look pretty good!  So........ I'm going to give this project a little more thought before proceeding on to see if I can come up with a better and easier way to portray him while still keeping many of the ideas I had for the earlier one.

That green looking rock is a piece of mine tailing we picked up last fall which 4wheeling up in the mountains near St. Elmo, CO. If I can locate a piece of coal I'll swap it out.  Making the lantern was really fun trying to come up with ways and material to create it.  The body was just a piece of dowel whittled to the shape  and the front reflector was made with a ball-peen hammer and a piece of cooper, pounding it into a dished shape.  The flint striker is just bent wire and the center flame mechanism is wood.  The hat bill is TUPELO.  Let me repeat that TUPELO!  I don't know how I came up with Catalpa last time as I don't have a piece of that wood in my shop.

Anyway, there are a few more photos in the Gallery and I'll try and get things back on track here real soon.


  1. Hey Lynn,
    Really look forward to this series as it seems to be all I am requested to carve as of late. I guess that is due to the fact that I live in Coal Mining country. Can't wait to see your take on these brave professionals.

  2. Lynn if you want some cool early pictures of miners google Bte west and click on mining pictures they have one with a open flame for a light very cool

  3. At first I was disappointed. Thinking you had charged your mind on this one. Glad to see I am wrong. Will be waiting to see just how you do this project. Thanks Ginny
    P.S. I'm holding my breath.

  4. he needs to be a little different looking he looks to much like the best in show winner at dayton 2010
    plus i havent seen any pictures of minners wearning Handkerchiefs this is going to be a hard one

  5. Rick, after seeing those pictures, I lot of us don't know what hard work is......Deb

  6. Deb your right it is very hard work I could never do that they worked hard and long hours even kids worked in the mines in the early days they are indeed special people we need to thank them for their hard work all are electricity at one time was from coal

  7. I haven't seen a carbide lamp like that since we used to go exploring the caves in the Mendip Hills in Somerset, England Fifty years ago.

    Happy Days.
    Michael in Corsham.

  8. Lynn: Anxious to see how you do the hat with Tupelo bill! Do a lot of caricatures that start with caps but a lot of them end up without because I always seem to break the bill off! Thanks for everything you do and always look forward to your posts.