Saturday, April 06, 2013

White Eagle - Finished!

Put the final touches on this Redskin this morning so here he is.  Turned out almost as well as I thought it would but there are a few areas that could have been improved upon.  I tried something new with the base by making it a little more artsy-fartsy!  I just bought a new chop-saw so just had to try it out with some new angles.  Presentation is 90 percent of anything so the better the platform the better your work looks!  It's as simple as that and it's a shame that most still don't realize it.

Again, to improve his facial coloring I went over the entire area with a wash of  a rich brown to give a more bronze look instead of a reddish one.  I also added more texture to the feathers.  To simulate a fur wrap on his braids I carved, painted with Mod-Podge and then sifted on a layer of the material I use for bases with gives a rough but pleasing appearance similar to fur, especially when highlighted with a little dry brushing.  I also lightened up the leather of the robe more than normal. The earrings are made from pounded copper, bent into rings, soldered and then inserted once the piece is completely finished.

There are more photos in the gallery and I look forward to your comments.


  1. In my honest opinion this is your very best. I really like the skin tone. Looks more real. This is just beyond works.
    I can't see how one person can have so much talent. I love it. Simply amazing. Ginny

  2. Hi Lynn, I did,nt think white eagle 1 could be improved upon, but how wrong was I !! This must be my favourite bust so far, perfect colouring and amazing detail. I would love to proud owner of this fantastic piece.
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next tutorial, only wish it could have been this one . Trev

  3. Another excellent carving in your series of Indian studies...I like the detail, the finish, the base...the entire package. You continue to achieve great things, I too envy you your gift for the art of carving. Congrats o another masterpiece.

  4. The painting is outstanding. I am reading what you wrote about the modge-podge & hope sometime you will video that, as the fur wraps do look like fur.

    This is a terrific carving.

    Kris (aka toycarver).

  5. Wagon/carriage would be good, cowboy/Indian on horse also a good one.
    Thanks for not doing a Santa
    Thanks for the auction had a great time.
    An in general thanks for the great web site.

  6. The "fancy" base is an added feature of this superb carvng. Just pay attention when using that chop saw as things can get away from ya and some results are most injurious. I know!
    The fur-like quality of the braid wraps are excellent and of course the painting is what makes your pieces so artistic. Ya done good once again my Friend.

  7. Another beautiful carving, Lynn, and one that should be rewarded with much accolade. Thank you Lynn. fred k

  8. Absolutely outstanding!

  9. Lynn, this is great. How did you do the bead work on the hat?