Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hard Rock Miner

That coal seam ran out so this guy headed west to the gold and silver fields of western Colorado.  He's not mining ore up in the mountains hear Silverton.  Harder rock but not as dirty that that filthy black stuff.

I had originally painted his shirt the color of chambray but it almost exactly matched the mine tailing he's mounted on.  So I changed it to Midnight Blue and dirtied it up with some Raw Umber and a lighter tan.  I think I spent more time constructing that little lantern than anything else but it looks pretty sharp.

Hope you like him.  I promise we'll be getting back to that fella still stuck in those coal pits.  More photos in the gallery and your comments are always welcome.


  1. A good use for an exxtra head you had laying around. I have a small pile of heads on a shelf also, I like making them and you never know when you might need one. This guy is neat, the miners lamp is a great piece of craftsmanship, I wish I had just a piece of your ability to craft accessories. The accessories occasionally make the carving.

  2. Looking great. I look forward to the video. Ginny