Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Mayor's Wife

You're probably wondering why a nice looking dame like this is married to that fat old fart of a Mayor.  Well, if you knew the amount of money he's purloined  away from the honest citizens of the town of Big Thicket during his 15 years in office you'd understand.
I've got to say that this one really turned out nice.  I wanted to give her a delicate look and I think she does just that.  The eyes are only penciled in as I think to carve them would detract from the smoothness of the piece.  Maybe not, but we'll see once she's painted.   I made the feathers out of aluminum flashing as I wanted them thin as if carved they'd have to be thick for strength and that would make it just look to heavy.  There is not much definition to them now as they're only sprayed with primer but when I paint them I'll try and flesh them out a bit.  As for colors I'm thinking purple & white for the dress with a matching hat with a big red rose.
Hope you like her and your comments are welcome.  More photos in the Gallery.


  1. Your amazing Lynn, and she is just perfect.Am I right in assuming you going to paint the eyes in? Well either way she looks great. fred k

  2. Lynn,

    You're right she's too good for that old coot!

    You continue to make me nothin' but jealous:-) I can do a *reasonable* job on male caricatures but I have yet to be able to pull off an acceptable female face. Maybe you ought to do a video series on female faces.

    Great job! I can't wait to see her after she's painted.

  3. I swear, I think you must have a machine that just turns out whatever you are thinking about, Oh! That's right - your do. "Old Reliable" Amazing work. Thanks for showing.



    I think you should publish a Town's People picture. That would make such a great poster!

    If you have the time, and inclination, I agree with
    Carvin' Tom ~ your followers would love a video of you carving the female face and contrasting the different steps you take between carving male and female faces.

    On a technical question, if you don't mind sharing, did you flatten teh aluminum flashing or use the original thickness?

    Thanks Lynn!


  5. I'm not that yet comfortable enough to actually take on a female video. After I do a couple more maybe I'd attempt it. Females are totally different unless you want to make them look ugly and stupid which I don't. As for the feathers it's just plain flashing you can get at the home stores. Very can cut it with scissors.

  6. Wow that Mayor really did good for his self. Killer job on that hat too Lynn. Always a joy to see your latest creation......Myron

  7. That "young" wife seen on the arm of the old Mayor will get the town folk to waggin their tongues for sure. Great carving Lynn. And I too agree that a carving tutiorial of a women would be a good one to see. Never can get their "features" to come out right either other than looking like old hags.

  8. Hi Lynn,
    The Mayor's wife looks great all painted up!
    I see you used a touch of epoxy for her eyes - did you carve them a little as well? Hard to tell from the photos.

    Great job as usual!!!

  9. Peter: I just placed a dot of Black and then painted on a little white on the outsides. Wanted to keep it as delicate as possible. Carving eyes on something that small, at least for a female, wouldn't have worked too well. Thanks for the comment.