Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Scout Gets It! - Update!

    It's been claimed!! 


And here's the Scout who claimed it!  He's off this weekend to the National Jamboree.  Colin has taught the wood carving merit badge skills to a younger group of scouts. He has been carving bolo ties and fridge magnets of his own design. He also participates in the Utah Valley Woodcarvers Club.  That slide couldn't have gone to a better example of what the Scouting program truly stands for.

Congratulations and have a great time at the Jamboree!



  1. Thanks for this opportunity Lynn!

    My submission, hopefully the first and winning one, is in your email basket.

    Now, there isn't any expectation that the Lynn Doughty original actually ends up in the hands of the boy scout, is there? Wink!

    Thanks again for your generosity and willingness to film your work.


  2. You got it. Send me your address so I can mail it. Looks like your nephew certainly deserves it!

  3. Yippee!

    We are planning a surprise party for him to receive the slide, complete with an arrowhead shaped cake and everything! We will wrap the slide and include a copy of the videos of Lynn carving it.

    He is attending the National Jamboree and you will likely see him wearing the slide there.

    Thanks Lynn!!!!


  4. My son is at Scout camp this week too. Sure brings back good memories. I guess he will have to carve his own since LMiller is quicker on the draw than me. Still, that was a fun idea Lynn. Thanks for hosting your blog and sharing your tallents.


  5. Your explination of grain gave me a clearer understand of how it works with carving. I knew what you said, but seeing it illustrated made it clearer in my mind and now I truely grasp the concept, insted of a "fuzzy knowledge" I had before. Even the simplest concepts are sometimes difficult to grasp through reading alone. The only other trouble I have with grain is actually seeing it in my basswood, any tips for helping see exactally which way it "tilts" as it funs through the block?

    thanks for all your help and effort on the videos.

  6. Kent: With that slanted grain the only way to find that out is once you start carving. It becomes evident pretty quick just by watching which way the chips come off. Every board is different so there's no real rule about it. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Thank You!

    That scout beaming at you was pleased as punch to receive the Lynn Doughty original. He was given a disk with the videos Lynn made. We celebrated with brownies and smiles all around.

    That scout is my nephew and he taught the wood carving merit badge skills to a younger group of scouts a couple of weeks back. He has been carving bolo ties and fridge magnets of his own design. We participate in the Utah Valley Woodcarvers Club in our area whenever his busy schedule allows.

    Thanks again Lynn!