Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gabby Hayes Bust – Part 1 – Cutting & Roughing Out The Block

Okay all you Whipper Snappers,  this should make for a pretty fun and neat project if it turns out the way I think it will.   Gabby has always been a favorite of mine whether he was appearing with John Wayne in his Singing Sandy movies where he once actually played a bad guy  to later films with Roy Rogers, Randolph Scott or a number of other legends of the screen.  I almost wish I didn’t have any teeth so I could talk like him. 
We’re going to do him as a Bust so we can concentrate on the head and cover facial detail in depth.  I’ve put the patterns for the block in the associated Gallery Album and if you need additional information or photos of Gabby there are lots of them on the web.  So,  let’s get started.
Oh….I almost forgot!  This one is filmed in my new dedicated Out West Video Production area.  Remember that cluttered background in all the previous videos?  GONE!  One thing I’m still working on though is trying to keep my head out of the picture so Judy will stop yanking my hair!   Ouch!!


  1. Lynn, WOW, what a nice area you've made there. The detail you put into that video is outstanding. I've always had to struggle making the ears, but now I see why... it finally hit me during this video, thanks so much. And I did notice a couple hair pulls from your "Producer".
    Thanks, G. Wallace

  2. I enjoyed the video very much. I really like your new carving area. Is there a pool going for how long until it has lots of stuff on it and resembles the old area? I am an inveterate clutterer, so I know I would have it messy real fast.

    I appreciate all the tips and info you give in these videos, and hoe you will keep them coming. Thanks for your work and generosity.

  3. Lynn, I'm excited about yoyr new project and can't wait to get started. At the beginning of your video you said you were going to slice about a 1/4" off the side (the 3" side) but I didn't see you do that, did you change yor mine or did you slice it off before you stated cutting it out?

    I too am wondering how long the nice clean area will last, no matter how often I clean up my area it always becomes clutter again.

    Thanks again for sharing,

  4. The timing is perfect for me, as I began experimenting with how to go from a drawing to the wood blank and then to the shape itself.

    Thanks for the videos,


  5. Well done, as usual. Is the new area in the shop or over in the studio? Sure hope you didn't cover up that nice window where you had the paint area.


  6. I like your new carving area, and it looks like you put a lot of time into it. I love your way of explanning how tos. I thank you so much for your sharing and I will be carving old Gabby with you. fred k

  7. Realy like the start of this new carving project and the time taken in explanations for the why's and how's of things you do.....and your humor in all of that makes it fun to carve along with ya.

  8. Excellent, as always! I learn something new or something better, everytime I watch you. I have to say it was kinda funny watching your wife poke you on the head!

  9. What can I say that hasn't been said already I'm sure? You are amazing in both your talent and your teachings.

    I'm new to carving and we are sadly lacking tutors over here in Australia.

    Now that I have found you I am looking forward to spending many long hours in front of my computer with knives at the ready.

    Is there any chance you will do a video of your saddles and horses in the future? I love them to pieces. I want to do some of my horses in your style.

    Anyway, thanks again and God Bless you and yours.
    Belinda from Down Under