Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Mayor

This fella started out as a Banker but as soon as I stuck that stogy in his mouth he became the Mayor.  I borrowed the face from my little character in the big Stagecoach scene I did years ago.  Really like those jowls.  Another good thing about him is that I now get to do his wife which will be a neat one as I want to give her a really big hat.  That should be fun

These little busts just might be all I can do for a while as I'm really covered up with summer projects and maintaining this Blog which continues to grow in interest.  But as long as it remains fun I'll stick with it.  I noted that the Auction caused the hit counter to bump up quite a bit.  So I'll plan on doing that again down the line but not too often.
Anyway, hop you like him.  He should be pretty snappy once he gets some color.  Comments welcome as always and more photos in the gallery.


  1. Just a word on auctions. I don’t know if you folks are aware of it but if you want to own a piece of Lynn’s art you don’t have to wait for an auction to do it. You can go directly to the OutWest website and buy a piece. There’s an assortment of subjects including five pieces there that sell for the same or less than the piece that was just auctioned, and two of them are 15” & 15.5” full figures. Of course, there are pieces that sell for much more also. Check it out at and click on CARVINGS FOR SALE