Friday, June 25, 2010

Framed Shield – Carving & Painting the Shield – Part 2

With the shield carved, we can now burn on a few details and the finish up the carving process by making three feathers.  Finally, we move over to the paint table to start applying some color.   Again, I’m hoping you’ve picked out your own design.   Comments welcome as always.


  1. Lynn?

    Why did you not burn the design of the skull onto the shield? Since the wood burning stops the bleed of colors across paint boundaries, why wouldn't you burn between every color-changing edge?

    Thanks for the help!


  2. Lynn - Although the 'shield' itself is round, the cloth around the outer edge gives the optical illusion that it is an oval (for me). So, when one goes to give the shield a rounded appearance it is a bit of a challenge - again for me.

    What criteria do you use to determine when you coat pieces with Gesso, prior to painting?


  3. Ron: I don't use Gesso except to paint feathers sometimes. I like my paint to soak into the wood to give it a more transparent or warm look.