Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Charlie Red Horse

Sorry, no video for this one.  I've been experiencing a run on my carvings lately so I've got to shut down the video production studio for a while to try and get my Gallery restocked.  Also, the Dayton show is not that far off and I'd like to come up with some competition pieces.
I've used this robed pose several times in the past and it has always proved very popular, no doubt because once painted it is quite striking.  This one is a little larger than the others, measuring about 17" tall.   The robe will be painted with designs and the upper part will be textured to simulate dark hair.  He will have a horn breast plate and hold a catinite tipped pipe.  I haven't decided on his hair decoration yet.
As I type this the body is finished and will be textured today and hopefully he's get his braids.   As always, your comments are welcome and appreciated.  Oh...there are a couple more photos in the gallery.


  1. Lynn,

    Don"t take this the wrong way...but...Good! No new video today! :-)

    I am *SO* far behind on viewing your "how-to" videos that I need a chance to get caught up. They are all good but they are now so long and filled with goodies that I hate to miss a minute of 'em.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Great Carving!! I know Charlie Red Horse will look fantastic when painted.. Hope you'll teach us how to carve an Indian sometime. Thanks again for helping us out here.....Mary Anne