Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cutting Out The Shield Blank

Here are the measurements for the shield blank.  The photo shows the shield on it's side.  The grain is running left to right and the board should be  3/8" to 1/2"  inch in thickness.  I first drew a 4 inch circle and then made two cloth drops on each side to the length of 5" and 1/2" wide. 
I'm sorry if I seem to be moving slow on this project but it's just too damn hot right now to spend in the shop.  Also, the grass seems to be trying to set a growth record this year.  I hate to see the really hot weather show up but at least it will slow down the vegetation growth.  Hopefully, we will do a video on carving the shield but as I said earlier it's really a pretty simple thing to knock out.
Comments welcome.

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  1. Thanks Lynn, I agree, looks rather straight forward.