Sunday, June 13, 2010

Charlie Red Horse All Painted Up!

Finally got Charlie off the paint table and in front of the camera.  I think he turned out great.  Really like the robe designs.  They are a combination of several I found through research the web and in the books I have on hand.   He looks pretty regal to me.  Now all I have to do is to come up with a price for him.  This is a good example of where the applied finish almost takes over the carving part.
Hope your like him and your comments are always appreciated.  Lots of photos in the Gallery.


  1. Lynn, just a beautiful carving. I thank you so much for what I have learned and I hope to one day meet and talk with you,and hope to learn some valuable info on making my carvings better. fred k

  2. Lynn, another positively great carving. You're research and resulting details are just wonderful. Once again, my thanks for sharing what you know.


  3. Lynn,
    I think this is crving is among your best. I wonder from the expression on his face, is he aware of some deep secret, or has he been using mushrooms on that pipe? GREAT JOB.

  4. All I can say is..."WOW!". All of the little subtleties, a fold here, a shadow there and the details on the robe...unbelieveable!

  5. If this isn't a winner I don't know what is! Having seen ole Charlie before and now after being painted I am just in awe. It's just great Lynn.

  6. Another great carving Lynn. Thanks for sharing what you do all of us that follow and learn.

  7. Lynn

    Love your carving. Could you explain how you painted the details on the robe? Do you use markers or is it all paint/brush?



  8. Ken: A combination of both. I outlined all the areas with a Gel pen then went back and filled in the areas with paint. Takes a lot of time but the effect is worth it. Did you carving arrive okay and how was the seminar?

  9. Lynn: First off - I was totally blown away as to well you packaged the carving. Double boxed and all those plastic peanuts really do the trick. I had to take a picture of it.
    I am so glad I spent the bucks to buy one of your pieces. Although I am not a carver of cowboys, I really appreciate the quality of your work and hope to learn from them for the Santas I make.

    If one thing I learned from you and your blog is that each project I should go one step beyond the previous one.

    By the way - can you recommend a supplier of glass domes displays?

    Best wishes - Ken

    Ps- how about a cowboy Christmas scene someday?

  10. Lynn: A couple more questions..
    1. I've never used (or seen) gel pens - do these stop the paint from bleeding into adjacent areas similar to the burn line?

    2. Did you actually carved beads in Charlie's moccasins? Your too much! - Ken

  11. The beads were indicated with a crosshatch patter using a burning pen then painted. Those Gel pens can be found at WalMart and there are an ink pen with indelible ink. Once dry it doesn't run but I still give it a light shot of Testers DulCoat just to make sure before painting or varnishing over it.

  12. Great Carving! I love the detail and painting.