Monday, December 03, 2012

Don Quixote - Part one

Well, that didn't take long.  As soon as I saw Mark's comment the juices started flowing again.   He said Conquistador and my first thought was Don Quixote as that opens up so many opportunities to do something really neat with the added chance of maybe incorporating some new techniques outside of the normal woodcarving genre.  We can do a bust, a full figure, even a figure on a horse and if we really want to push the envelope we can even carve his trusty companion, Sancho Panza.   Like I said....endless opportunities.

But first we will do the head and after Goggling around the images of this character I found two that will start us on our quest for our own illusive windmill.  The painting to the left illustrates the type of helmet we will attempt and the other picture in the Gallery will be the face we'll be after as I want him to look kind of sad and certainly worn out from his search.

So, sharpen your knives cause here we go!


  1. Cant wait...

    Love your Museum display...congrats!

  2. Good windmill will be safe after we create an army of Quixote's....let the adventure commence.

  3. That's perfect. I can't wait to see him come to life.

  4. Hi Lynn. Love the idea, but thinking the barber's bowl would be a proper helmet for Don Quixote?

  5. We haven't yet reached the helmet yet so I'll give that Barbers Bowl some thought. I know it would be a lot easier than the other. We'll see.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. You are all mad! Sounds like a grand adventure. To the bat cave er stable! Get my mule ready!

  7. I'm as excited as the rest of your fans!!!

    My computer shows a "Not" symbol like the traffic sign for "do not enter" for this first video. Can everyone else download it?

    I don't want to miss even a minute of Lynn's tutorials!