Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Are You Up For An Auction?

"Have They Left Yet?"
It's been quite a while since we did the last auction so how about doing one that will end on Christmas Eve?  Maybe Santa will be kind to you and place this little bust under your tree.

This time we will cut off the bids at midnight CST on December 24.  So the bid placed in the comment section below that is closest to that time wins the carving.  Shipping is included in the winning bid.  Let's start the bidding at $1.00 and see where it goes from there.

This piece stands at about 10-1/2" tall with the base.  It's pretty self explanatory.  Poor Private Olsen was unfortunate enough to be designated the one to stick his head up to check on the whereabouts of those pesky Redskins.    Fortunately for him there wasn't much gray matter between the entry and exit wounds so his prognosis looks pretty good.  His hearing might be a little impaired but according to his Sergeant he never listened to anything he was told anyway....except this once!

So....let the fun begin!  The auction is open!
                                          Good Luck!


  1. I'll start with $10.00 I know it is worth much more so it's just the beginning. Ginny

  2. The bidding has now passed the mark to where shipping is now free. Merry Christmas!

  3. Do you have a lay-a-way plan or installments? Ginny

  4. When you say Midnight, is that your time or east coast time,doesn't really matter I won't be uo at either time.

    And who are some of these people bidding, have they posted before or are that just 'ringgers' to steal the loylist prize???

    OK Mr. Bowers, I bid 150.99!!!

  5. CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. Sorry, I always seem to forget that there's a bigger world out there.

  6. Great piece Lynn. Good luck to all bidders. ....Myron

  7. Boy...Barry sure took the wind out of everybody's sails.....but Mark was the start of the gale, when he jumped right on up there to 200
    (Mark shouldn't you be bugging David to get your other 2 DVD's out, I've been waiting forever for the Elf Ornament one).

    BUT I have a feeling it ain't over yet....

  8. Sure wish I had an extra 3 or 4 hundred laying around. But I don't so I'm out. Good luck bidders. Lynn that is one nice piece to have. Ginny

  9. The auction is over and looks like John had the highest bid.

    John.....send me an email confirming your bid and we'll get the ball rolling. Thanks.

  10. John congratulations on your high bid. I'm green with envy. Ginny

  11. Thank you Ms Ginny, no one was more surprised than me! As I told Lynn, I fully expected Sharpshooters to be lurking in the weeds, waiting until the last minutes of the game to jump out with bids blazing and walk away with the prize! I'm totally thrilled to have a piece of Lynn's work.