Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Don Quixote - Part 11

With this one we cut out the least the upper trunk.

Part 11 from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. That's a really large bust. I usually wait until you are done with a series before I try to duplicate the carving, just to see if you make any changes as we go along, and to get an overview of the whole project before starting. Sometimes I decide it is too hard, or for other reasons decide not to carve that particular projects, but I learn from all of them whether I carve it or not. This piece, I will definitely have to scale down, my bandsaw will not cut that large of a piece of wood...and there just isn't any room in the budget for a bigger one. I had wondered about how you would attach the bust to the base while you were cutting it out, now I see where you are going. Lots of work with old reliable ahead, but will be a great carving. Once I scale him down, I think I will try and do the full figure, that arched back and skinny legs are what I like best about that cartoon. He will be a neat project for sure..looking forward to more installments. I anticipate you will take a Christmas break, and hope you have a great holiday.

  2. I'm so glad you got that piece of wood cut. My oh my that was a big piece.It was good to see how you cut the front and side views out. Looks good so far. Ginny

  3. Happy Holidays Lynn and Judy! Also to all how follow you here.

    Lynn I have gone to to find the blade that you recommend. They only make four 3/16 inch blades so the choice seems obvious. Only one has 4 teeth per inch. However they don.t call any of their blades a skip tooth. I believe the correct blade is the second one on their list. Could you confirm this or perhaps recommend somewhere that we can find the blade.

    Thanks for all that my favorite duo does.

    Ron Flynn

  4. I'm pretty sure you're right. The skip tooth is a term used to indicate that there's an open space between the two teeth. When I order I just tell them what I want and the length, in my case 80" and I think they make them up. Here's the link for anyone else interested in good quality blades: