Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don Quixote - Part 8

And here is part 8. Thanks for all those great comments, we really appreciate hearing from those of you who might be benefiting from our efforts.

Don Quixote - Part 8 from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. Just finished watching your last video. I saw where you had some break off on the sideburn. I saw how you fixed it. Sometimes I have chip outs . The wood just crumbs away. I don't know how to salage the piece when that happens. Perhaps you could cover this issue. This is a great series . I think you are explaining things to us that we didn't know before until now. As always great job, many thanks. Ginny

  2. I too have some chip offs, but that is probably due to heavy handedness on my part. You told us to be sure and have or gouge good and sharp for detailing the hair...I have trouble with keeping those things as sharp as I would like. If possible, could you go over how you touch up and hone your gouges? The gouges and especially V-tools are so much harder to maintain than a knife, I have been looking around for a class where I could see them done in person...but I bet you are an expert and can get us as sharp as a hounds tooth.
    I really like that cartoon of Don with his back ached and the really skinny body...that would be a fun caving to have. Someday we all want to see you put one on horseback, but this guy is going to look so good as is that would only be guilding the lily. Great job on the video, it was easier to see details, but get the light problem fixed somehow, you have got to see well.

  3. Very informative and helpful as always. You have such a nack of making it look so easy.

    Ron B.

  4. Lynn,

    Consider this a comment from a 'real live person!' Chuckling.

    After watching your videos, I tell myself that "I can do this!" and then my results suggest that I need tons more practice. It's as if Ole Reliable has been blessed by the great gods of good carving.

    Thanks so much for the explanations, the examples, and the generosity! Telling us where and why to place the stop cut first, on the sideburns for example, really help me. And your use of the knife blade to explain the angles you are using also is very beneficial.

    And, for what it is worth, I am very thankful that you show us the tear outs and your repairs. It helps me to know that your wood isn't somehow enchanted to avoid such problems...

    Oh, could you do me a favor? Please thank Judy for all the hard and difficult work of keeping your handiwork in focus and in frame. She is my favorite angel!

    Thanks again!!!


  5. This is an exceptional video,not to say the others are not, but I seem to be picking up so much more on this than I normally do. Excellent job in explaining and Judy terrific job on the camera work. fred k5331

  6. Ok Lynn and anyone who is having trouble seeing their carvings, go to Big Lots and get you a Full Spectrum Floor or Table Lamp, 30.00 or 22.00. They come in a box and you have to screw it together, that’s it, they are the GREATEST LIGHTS ever, the blubs last a verrrrry long time and if you do need another one you have to ask for them at Big Lots. I guarantee you will never regret it and if you are like me, you will go buy a few more. Now I don’t know if it will affect your filming or not Lynn but I think it’s worth a shot.

  7. Another master class video Lynn, your experience really shows , it takes me four or five cut to do what you do a lot cleaner with one!!
    I too would love to see the skinny cartoon body on this caricature. Keep up the good work. Trev

  8. Lynn. This is a great series and subject. Judy is getting some very good close ups. I absolutely agree about a cartoon style body with the shield and lance. The only way to improve on it is to put him on a horse. It might be an idea to put a piece of broken windmill blade hanging on his

  9. Lynn Thanks so much for your generosity and your sharing your time and talent Another great video and the head for what looks to be a wonderful piece.If you are counting votes LOL I too would i vote to see the skinny cartoon body.Once again thanks to Judy for her camera work and keeping you on the strait and focused.

  10. Lynn,
    Thanks for your generosity in sharing. It's a great series so far and I appreciate you doing something that is not your usual genre. Thanks again for allowing us to peek over your shoulder
    Steve S.