Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Will Rogers

It's been quite a while since I carved Will Rogers and as they were asking about him last week when Judy and I paid a visit to Woolaroc museum I thought I'd do another bust of the Oklahoma humorist.   The hat behind his head is not the one that will be there at the end but it will give you some idea of what's to come.   Hope you like him.


  1. Phenomenal!I can't wait to see the final piece.

    Will you use one of Will's memorable quotes on it?

    Anxiously awaiting for more!


  2. It certainly does look like Will. I am impressed that you can carve a figure that is a recognizable likeness of the subject, that takes a lot of talent. I do good to make a figure recognizable as human, let alone a specific member of the group. I know the rest of the figure will be great, is he going to twirl a rope? This museum show is really shaping up into a fantastic production..can't wait to see it. Yo will have to republish the details a we get closer to the actual event so I can make plans to attend.

  3. Oh yea....I like him, how big is the head, how about a pic from the side, is he going to be a bust or full figure.....can't wait to see what's next....he would have been a good video!!!!