Friday, September 28, 2012

The Cherokee Kid

Old Will, or rather Young Will in this case, is passing the time spinning some rope and that boy can spin some rope!  This was really an enjoyable figure to do.  Lots of action with a little humor tossed in for good measure which Will would probably approve of.   I based the figure and the colors of the clothes and chaps on the painting "Dog Iron" by Wayne Cooper which hangs inside the Memorial in Claremore, Oklahoma.  The Dog Iron Ranch was where Will grew up just outside Oolagah, OK.  The ranch is now part of the Memorial and well worth a stop if you're ever in the area.

For the rope I use a larger size of commercially twisted wire available at Lowes so as to bring it into scale with the figure.   There are some more photos in the gallery and your comments are always welcome.


  1. Guess my first comment didn't go through. He does look younger than "in the raw". The paint brings out the details, and the rope ads a dimension of action. I sort of wish he looked older with his paint, I always think of Will Rodgers as an old man, even though it is a pretty good bet that he was once a young man. Just the image I have of him in his head. Another A+ carving from your studio.

  2. I know you have more ideas you'll want to carve, but this one will top the show at Woolaroc. This is one superb carving.