Saturday, September 22, 2012

Will Rogers - Part 2

Finished up with the carving part of this project this afternoon.  He's looking better and better.  Still have to burn in the color breaks and the details.  Thought I had a problem with the rope he'll be spinning but figured it out after the second trip to Lowes.   This is a  pretty big bust, standing around 15" tall with the base, so he'll be a pretty impressive piece.

Hope you like him.


  1. That is an impressive size, but the strength of the character on this figure can handle it. Lots of great expression, and a plethora of detail to look at. Should be instantly recognizable as to who it is...especially around that area where Will lived. Good job again.

  2. I do like him. I wish my Grandaddy was still with us I would buy that from you for him. He loved all western books and movies and he really loved Will Rogers. Nice Job!

  3. now that is pretty dog gone good!
    just wondering about the busted up bull rider that you was going to do-how it coming? I hope you will do a video on it! thanks