Saturday, September 01, 2012

Hopi Maiden Part 2

Passed on football today to spend some time in the shop blocking out the body for this young lady.  Also gave her some earrings.  Actually, that's the second set of baubles  that I whittled as I made a mistake and brushed off my table and the first bunch fell the floor and disappeared into a large pile of chips.

I've got something really special planned for her setting which should be a real least I hope so.  She's working on her dowry so she's been busy down at the clay wall scooping out a supply to flesh out her inventory.

Stay tuned!


  1. The maiden looks great, and I guess that she is busy at making pots for her dowry, so that should give you a great medium for your painting skills. The main thing that strikes me from your post is that you skipped the first week of college that is a serious addiction to carving and you might just need professional help if you can skip college football. Repeat after name is Lynn Doughty and I am a carveaholic...