Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Sorry Boys! It's Beans Again!"

Whittled the shovel this morning to finish the major parts of this scene.  Still have to make some biscuits to go into the Dutch oven then it's off to the paint table.  I gave him a water bucket to put something in that right hand.  He can use it to douse that new fella who always complains when there's no meat involved.  It's empty now but I'll fill it with resin once the paint is dry.   It took me hours to balance that shovel so I could take the photo.  (Actually, I just put a drop of super glue on the base and a squirt of activator locked it in place.)  I'll cut through the top two bases to make it look as though it was stuck into the dirt.  You always need a shovel around the cook fire to move the hot coals around for the ovens and occasionally bang a head or two when the clean-up crew balks at their assigned duties.

The Woolaroc Museum is up there in cattle country so this wagon chef should be a hit.   Hope you like him too.  More photos in the Gallery.


  1. That Cookie of yours sure gets around. He is the hardest working hand in the whole outfit. I think he is a great character, and I guess you do too as you feature him often in your carvings. Maybe the next Cookie can be like Mr. Nightlinger and cook for the Buffalo Solders? Will for sure be a hit at the Woolrock.

  2. Your scenes always amaze me as they immediatley tell a story.... plus there is so much to look at in the details the comprise it. Great carving.

  3. That's just the best. Yes it is.

  4. Yep, another sure fire winner in the making!

    Has anyone figured out how to enlarge the photos in the Google+ gallery?