Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Checkin' Her Out!

I can't say whether he's looking at the 4 legged filly in the round pen or the 2 legged one setting on the fence.  Whichever, by the look on his face I think he approves of what he sees!

For a while I had my doubts about the paint job on this wrangler but in the end he turned out pretty well.  With the base he stands about 14" tall which makes a really nice presentation.  The stampede string on his hat is just twisted wire with a wooden bead I carved.  I wrapped a short piece of the wire around the center of the bead which gave me a post that I could use to anchor the strings to his chest.

Hope you like him and there are more photos in the Gallery.  Comments always welcome.


  1. Everything about this Wrangler is top notched. That bandana is terrific in both carving and painting. A job well done.

  2. Lynn, your so good at what you do. That is a great piece. You really feel like he is lookin at something.special or just daydreaming. A fantastic job. fred k

  3. Well.. I see him leaning on the building outside a Saloon after a few cool ones.. It's evening... and hes checking out a few of the local "fillies"... :)

    Well thats what I see nice "paint up" Lynn.. it sure "paints" another picture for me. I think its the faint smile on the right side of his mouth...along with the left raised eyebrow.LOL

    nice well done

  4. Then agian it would not have been "cool" ones... but you know what I mean


  5. If you looking for a name plate title.... perhaps "The Fox" or along those lines

  6. I didn't find the photos of him on Picasso, but in the small one he looks great. I too was impressed by the detailing on the bandanna. He is certainly up to no good from that expression, could be a lot of things,,,that is what is good about it, we get to use our imagination. Excellent job.